Updated Newsletter, November 15, 2019

Dear 2B Families,

Thank you to all of you who have signed up for conferences, I am looking forward to meeting with you next week!  In math, we have continued working on place value and are almost ready to move onto the thousands place value.  In religion, we have been discussing heroes and things that we are grateful for.  Yesterday, we celebrated World Kindness Day, by writing a kind note to a classmate.  The students were encouraged to continue their kind acts outside of the classroom, too.  In science, we started our exploration of rocks as geologists and learned various ways to describe rocks through their physical properties.  In writing, we completed our prewriting, rough, and final drafts of our leaf man stories—we’ve been busy writers this week!  I am impressed by the creativity in each story and can’t wait to share them with you at conferences!

Important Information:

Homework and Spelling: A two-week homework packet was sent home with your student last Friday and is due on November 21st.  We are continuing to focus on the phonogram sets of a-e (a consonant e) and ee in spelling.  The spelling test will also be on November 21st.  The Fall Report is due tomorrow, November 15th. 😊

Turkey in Disguise: We need your help!  Next week we will be creating “Turkeys in Disguise.”  If you have any fun craft supplies that your student would like to use in order to decorate their turkey, please send it with them on Monday, 11/18.  Turkeys in disguise in the past have been decorated with gems, fabric, clothes and shoes cut from magazine ads, ribbons, etc. (nothing heavy, though).  We will be decorating these in class and writing a persuasive argument.  Please help the turkey successfully make it to December!

SMM Thanksgiving Food Drive: Tomorrow is the last day to donate!  2nd grade is collecting canned pineapples.

Conferences: Conferences will be held Friday, 11/22, Monday, 11/25, and Tuesday 11/26.  I am looking forward to discussing all the great things your student is doing in class!

Thank you for all your support!  Have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

Addison Borseth

Second Grade Teacher

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