Weekly Update, January 24, 2020

Dear 2B Families,

We have been quite busy preparing for Catholic Schools Week in 2B this week!  In English Language Arts, we wrote about how we “Learn, Serve, Succeed, and Lead” at St. Mary Magdalen.  Today, we worked on creating a “Recipe of Me,” to share with visitors this weekend at the Open House on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  In science, we observed friction using race cars, ramps, and a towel in our lesson.  We also connected our observations of the salt and sand on the roads during our snow days last week and discussed how that can be helpful when roads are snowy and icy.  In math, we have continued learning about different types of graphs, specifically line graphs and coordinate grids.  Tomorrow, we will play “Pirate Ship” game to extend our knowledge of coordinate points.  Next week, we will be discussing Venn diagrams and probability.  We are looking forward to a fun-filled week recognizing the amazing people and things happening at St. Mary Magdalen.  We are truly fortunate to be a part of such an awesome community.

Important Tidbits:

Homework: In spelling we will be focusing on the phonogram sets of “ar” and “er.”  The new homework packet is due on Friday, January 31st.

Operation Warm Feet: 3rd grade is putting on a service project to help the homeless in our community stay warm during this winter season!  Please bring in a new pair of wool socks if you are able. These socks will be donated to the Everett Gospel Mission and Mercy Watch.

Catholic Schools Week:

Monday, January 27th: Community Day

FREE DRESS for students who attended Mass in their school uniform. Volunteers are invited to Pope John Paul II portable for coffee and pastries as a way to say Thank You for all you do!

Tuesday, January 28th: Student Day

Teacher’s Choice (we will do something special in 2B!)

Thursday: Celebrating Vocations

Cards for our friends in the Parish Office

Friday, January 31st: Celebrating Faculty, Staff, and Distinguished Graduate

Distinguished Graduate Ceremony for Jane Mason in the Parish Hall at 2:00 p.m.

 Parental Consent Permission Slip: Throughout this trimester, I am going to be evaluated using the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) as I complete my Masters in Elementary Education.  While the primary purpose is to evaluate my teaching, the project will include short video recordings of lessons I have taught.  In the course of taping, with your permission, your child may appear on the video recording.  If you choose not to give your permission, then your child will still participate in the classroom instruction as usual.  S/He will just be seated out of camera range.  The video recordings will be used solely for purposes of evaluating my instruction.  This permission slip will be coming home with your child tomorrow.  Please have your child return this form by tomorrow Friday, January 24th.


Addison Borseth

Second Grade Teacher

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